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Rating: 9.3/10 (19 votes cast)

Material Description

Pitted rusty metal texture.


  • Render time (min:sec): 2:84
  • System used: i7- 3930k
  • Maya version: 2013
  • Vray version: 2


Rusty Metal1, 9.3 out of 10 based on 19 ratings


  1. This material is wonderful !

    However when I import it, the displacement is far too high (1.000), I need to reduce it to 0.100 on all shapes. Did I do something wrong at import time ?

    • Hmmm i’m not sure why that would be happening. I haven’t seen someone post about that so far. If it looks good otherwise then you are good to go!

  2. Thank you somuch man i love you

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