Instructions for uploading a V-ray Maya File

If you have Maya 2010, 2011, or 2012 download the project file: {filelink=18}

Select the group in your outliner called ATTACH_SHADER_TO_THIS_GROUP and apply your shader to it.  Then render out an image with RenderCam view at default resolution. It is very important that you do not change anything settings other than to apply your shader.

Then just zip up the .ma file, any accompanying textures, and use the UPLOAD FORM to place them on this website!

If you have Maya 2009 or earlier  select your main shader node in the hypershade and in the hypershade go to “file” menu “export selected network” and save your shader as a .ma ASCI file.

Then just zip up your .ma and any required files to go with it and use the UPLOAD FORM.