Frequenty Asked Questions


How do I install/use these Maya Vray materials?
Usually these materials are created by selecting the material and then using File> Export Shading Network in the Hypershade in Maya. This creates a .ma file which you can then import into your scene find the new material in your hypershade and then apply the material to whatever object you wish.

The only exception is the Base Material Scene. Which is an entire scene you can use to place the material you created in and submit it to share with this community.


What do I do if a material doesn't work?
1. First make sure you have the correct version of Maya to open the file. It may be as simple as opening the ASCI .ma file and changing any version numbers for Maya to the version you are using. 

2. Make sure any textures that might have come with the file are linked properly a bad link will make the texture render wrong.

3. If you are still having problems contact us using the Contact Form or comment on the material page itself. We will do what we can to fix the material if it is not working. I'm sorry I don't have time to make versions of every material for every version of Maya.


How do I upload a material to
The easiest way to do this is the download the base scene provided at the top of the material upload page. (maya 2016 instructions though should work in other versions as well)

1.Then apply the material you want to upload to the stuff in ATTACH_SHADER_TO_THIS_GROUP in that scene.
2. Render the thumbnail image out with your material
3. Select one of the objects your new material is applied to and open your hypershade. In hypershade goto Graph menu>graph materials on selected object
4. Select the main material node in the hypershade in this case "UVmapTest". Then go to hypershade menu> FILE>Export Selected network. This will let you save your .mb or .ma. to a folder. 
5. Place your textures into that same folder and zip it up. (leave your thumbnail loose. Then you select BOTH the thumbnail and the zip when you upload.